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The most powerful validation of Infintech's ethical reputation can be seen through the eyes of our customers. We’re proud to let some of our customers speak for our success.

Customer Reviews

At Infintech, we work very hard to make sure our client's needs are always met. We strive to deliver the best customer service and make processing through us as seamless and easy as possible.

Dr. Alice M., Veterinarian

Lexington, KY

"The level of service goes unmatched. We're so busy and we simply don't have time to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. That's where Infintech comes in. Plus, it's easy to read the statements. Infintech combines the American Express billing with our credit card statement so we're able to see exactly what we're paying each month on all processing volume."

Nancie D., CEO

Florida and New York Area

"Infintech's online payment portal makes it easier for our customers to rent shared office spaces—and that gets us paid faster. Plus, the online reporting makes it very easy to quickly balance payments and refunds, cutting down on costly accounting expensesMy favorite part, hands-down, is their consistent, superior customer service. They offer the best solutions because they understand our complicated business model. I also have immediate access to the support team who is always available to assist me in any way."

Bernie R., President/Owner

Blue Ash, OH

"I was introduced to Infintech through a friend and decided to give them a shot. After Infintech performed a cost-savings analysis for my company, I saw that they could save us a significant amount of money. Since June of 2016, Infintech has saved us about 20% on our processing fees and set up a new terminal free of charge. The transition was painless, and all things promised and more were delivered."

Dave E., Co-Founder

Cincinnati, OH

"After having a rate review with Infintech, we signed up immediately so we could begin to capitalize on the yearly $20,000 savings they were able to provide. These savings will contribute to my company's overall health and stability. In addition, we now utilize Infintech for all our eCommerce projects. You couldn't ask for a more valuable partner to help your business grow. Their customer service is best-in-class, and I never have to wait more than 24 hours to get a question answered. You can't find that type of assistance anywhere else."

Tiffany J., Co-Owner

California Area

"I get many calls regarding credit card processing, but Infintech’s Ken Harwell stood out from everyone else. Transitioning our New Balance store to RICS Software was a terrible experience with our previous processor. When it was time to convert four more stores, we made the switch to Infintech. Ken made the transition so painless and this allowed our stores to easily move from a standalone credit card terminal to an integrated EMV processing solution. The experience has been terrific, and I am grateful for such a smooth transition with Infintech."

Bonnie K., Vice President

Cincinnati, OH

"We were looking for a lower cost credit card processing solution—and Infintech fit our needs perfectly. During the selection process, it was refreshing to deal with a locally-owned company and meet an advisor face-to-face. Infintech's lower processing fees, coupled with Matt’s exceptional customer service, made it an easy decision to switch. They are always accessible if I have any questions. It was a seamless transition from our old processor to Infintech."

Lehua D., Accounts Receivable

Pearl City, HI

"Initially, I did not want to switch to Infintech because we are a growing company, and we thought the transition would be brutal. However, the projected savings persuaded me to support the switch from our old processor. More importantly, the staff has been fabulous. We had multiple training sessions and every single trainer was patient and informative. The transition to Infintech was a breeze for all our locations."

Tim C., Owner & Operator

Cincinnati, OH

"I met Brian Tinker through Infintech's partnership with my company’s bank—Valley Central. Brian stopped by our office and told me about his ability to meet our specific payment processing needs. He was able to provide us with a lower processing cost, and he was very patient and sincere throughout the entire process. It is great to have a local business like Infintech help my company save money."

Mike B., Managing Partner

Philadelphia, PA

"I was spending a fair amount of money on my payment processing fees and my fees seemed to continually increase. So, I decided to do some research and found Infintech. In time, I have found that Infintech truly cares about every company they work with and they make you feel special. Every transaction goes through smoothly and the statements are easy to read. If something goes wrong, I have a team that supports my account and takes care of problems very quickly."

Sonya K., Office Manager

Dayton, OH

"I was looking for a local credit card processing company with high satisfactory ratings. Customer reviews speak volumes, so I did my due diligence. Nick Carey just happened to reach out to me to discuss payment processing so not only was his timing perfect, but Infintech had the best reviews out there. Processing with Infintech meant I would stop experiencing price gouging and my business would save money. After seeing a side-by-side comparison of our previous provider’s rates and Infintech's rates, the switch was a no-brainer."

Mark H., CEO

Cincinnati, OH

"About 90% or more of our clients use credit cards to pay their monthly retainer for our digital marketing services. It didn’t take long to get all the credit cards transferred over to the new system and we saw significant savings right away. In addition to the lower rates, we love their customer service. If we have an issue, we can call and talk with a real person that we know. Our last payment processor had a random support number and you never knew the quality you were going to get on the phone."

Lisa F., Office Manager

Wapakoneta, OH

"We were using multiple processors and gateways to accept payments and Infintech seamlessly transitioned our merchant services into one, user-friendly environment. Most importantly, we now have a consolidated dashboard and can integrate with Verosa for Quick Books which is KEY for running our business.

PCI compliance is no longer a nightmare, and their customer support is outstanding. Finally, we have seen over 50% in savings on our fees."

Donna A., Controller

Austin, TX

"We learned about Infintech through their partnership with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). As a member of CFMA, we had the potential to save money on our credit card processing fees through a joint member benefit program. This prompted us to engage with Infintech and they helped our business significantly by lowering our fees to add an average of $7,000 in annual savings to our bottom-line. Also, the exercise of accepting credit card payments has become streamlined and easy to use. Filling an application, adding customers to our system, and emailing receipts is now a painless process and we appreciate that."

Johanna C., Owner

Houstin, TX

"For almost five years, we have worked with Infintech and our dedicated advisor, Will Watson. In addition to Infintech lowering our processing fees, we have been pleased with the knowledge, professionalism, and customer service they bring to members through their partnership with the X Chamber. It is rare to find a merchant services company that you can reach at any time for assistance. I would recommend chamber members to reach out to Will and give Infintech a try."

Sarah S., Owner

Huntsville, TX

"We have had an account with Will at Infintech since 2013. We had discovered right before switching that our current processor had come into town with really high rates years previous and locked us under a contract that was hundreds and hundreds to cancel early. Will helped us with the whole process of canceling and switching and was always just a phone call away. 

Not only was he amazing in getting us the newest and top of the line equipment, no one has come close to the rates that they offer. From a standard brick and mortar processing line, to being able to process at trade shows on machines and now a new POS system."

Marcus K., Owner

Denver, CO

"We were referred to Infintech by a friend who saw the positive results of engaging with them and how well they treat their customers. Since switching to Infintech ourselves, they have eased so many parts of the credit card transaction process that takes place at Outpost every day. All our transactions are done without a card present, and the platform provided by them has made the transaction process significantly easier for our team at the office. It has enhanced our POS process, but more importantly, it has improved our back-end accounting and decreased our fees."

Matt I., Owner

Cincinnati, OH

"Our business has survived as a cash-only establishment since my dad first opened in 1966. Over time, I knew I had to accept credit cards or I would lose many of my customers since cash was no longer the preferred payment method. Enter Infintech - who showed me that accepting credit cards as a way of payment was worth it. After working with Infintech, my business began to grow significantly – and I can directly attribute it to credit card acceptance. Setup was easy and seamless, and we never looked back. Our business really started to take off, so we opened our second location in 2010."

Dan T., Owner

Sharonville, OH

“I always assumed that payment processing companies hide fees and use unethical practices when conducting business. But I met Aaron Muro, an Infintech Payment Processing Advisor, and he proved to me that Infintech is different than most processors. Why? Because they are honest and transparent about all the costs and fees that are associated with processing payments. With this transparency, Infintech was able to save my company a substantial amount of money.”

Mike W., Owner

Louisville, KY

“Infintech partners with our bank - First Financial Bank – and collectively they offer a wonderful program for merchant services. Signing up with Infintech was an easy decision from the beginning. Lisa was introduced as our contact and she not only did her job, but she treated us like family and that is extremely hard to come by – especially in the payment processing industry. I want to thank Infintech and Lisa for their kindness, care, and professionalism. It definitely sets them apart from every other business in their industry.”

Mike M., Exec. VP and CEO

Indianapolis, IN

“Infintech provided customized solutions that our business desperately needed – solutions that our previous provider could not offer. For example, we now have a mobile payment solution at our main entrance, which has made our day-to-day operations more efficient. The best part of working with Infintech is the people. Vanessa and Chad Stephens, Infintech’s vice president of sales, have always been quick to respond. They never say no, and they work with us to make sure we get the best payment processing solutions possible.”

Toni G., Partner and Operations Director

Columbus, OH

“Processing with Infintech has alleviated an incredible amount of work for our team. The service is easy to use, and it takes some of the manual labor out of the accounts receivable process, enabling our employees to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Through Infintech’s service, we can offer discounts to customers who pay via credit card. Customers receive an email with an automated receipt and invoice that is marked as paid. It has streamlined our process, as we no longer need to wait for paper checks or send out manual invoices."

Cynthia S., Production Manager

Cincinnati, OH

“We love that we have the ability to reach out to Infintech and get answers immediately from their support team. Infintech has been wonderful to work with – making our payment processing system set up seamless for the office and our technicians. The Bluetooth mobile readers are so easy to use especially when our technicians are on location. We can count on Infintech day in, day out!”

Julie Z., Owner

Cincinnati, OH

“Our fees are lower, but it wasn’t just about the cost savings. Dan found ways to make card acceptance much easier. We now process wholesale payments online, as well as accept payments via a terminal at our retail store. Also, Dan is very easy to work with. His knowledge of the payments industry and his quick response to all my questions sets him apart. When everything runs smoothly, the fees are low, and you don’t have to spend extra time on accepting payments – that is a big boost to running a business!”

Daphne K., Controller

Brenham, TX

“The Washington County Chamber of Commerce in Texas partners with Infintech to bring lower payment processing fees to members. As a member of the Chamber, I was excited about the opportunity to lower my card acceptance rates and support the local Chamber of Commerce. It’s been a win-win situation ever since. Not only did Infintech significantly lower my fees, they also transitioned most of our business to wireless terminals making it easier for salespeople to take payments from customers and provide a faster checkout experience.”

Al C., Owner

Colorado Springs, CO

“I am a small business owner who had struggled to find a credit card processor who cared about my business and offered concrete solutions to rising processing costs. After our initial conversation, Infintech looked at my processing history. They performed a cost-savings analysis and uncovered all the hidden fees that were taking money from my bottom line. They compared this to their cost structure to show me real savings. They were very transparent and explained anything that I didn’t understand. After switching to Infintech, our processing fees dropped significantly. I also saw a faster turnaround in funds being deposited into my account, and I spent less time on annual reporting. Infintech offered solutions that were realistic and meaningful to improving my business.”

Valerie V., Director of Accounting

Cincinnati, OH

Infintech’s customer service is excellent. Our Payment Advisor, Russ Rybolt, recently stopped by to evaluate the processing rate our sister companies were being quoted by a competitor. Knowing that we can ask our payment advisor for an honest and fair assessment is invaluable! And it turns out that Infintech’s rate was lower than what we have been quoted. It’s a pleasure doing business with Infintech.

Kai K., Office Manager

Madison, IN

“We were drawn to Infintech because we wanted to deal with a payment processor who has ties to our community and they already had a positive relationship with our local bank. So, we decided to give them a shot. And we are so glad we did. Not only was the transition to a new processor seamless, we also benefit from the in-person counsel and support from our Infintech advisor. And I haven’t even mentioned the money Infintech has been able to save both of our companies."

Louise M., Practice Manager

Needville, TX

“We were introduced to Infintech through the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and we quickly learned that Infintech makes credit card processing a breeze! Now we have one less thing to worry about during our busy and stressful workday. Infintech’s rates are among the best available, and we receive our money in a timely and seamless manner. We recently signed up with a new purchasing group, and they suggested that we to switch to another processing company. I stopped them and explained how no other company can beat the combination of rates and service that Infintech offers us."