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The most powerful validation of Infintech's ethical reputation can be seen through the eyes of our customers. We’re proud to let our customers speak for our success.

“After meeting with Infintech, I realized switching to process payments with them would be a good move for my business. I had been working with a large processor that didn’t pay attention to their small clients. The difference was evident immediately when I began working with Infintech. My payment advisor, Rance Thompson, went out of his way to assist our transition into a newer app-based POS system. The switch would have been a bear but with the assistance from the Infintech team, we never missed a beat.”

Dennis Humphrey, Owner, High Horse

“There is more than just one reason why I really enjoy working with Infintech. It’s been unique to working with a company that feels like an extension of our own team and wants what is best for our business. The Bill & Pay solution has made running a business much easier and it allows my team to run ACH payments through their system at a reasonable cost. And working with Infintech has meant our processing costs have gone down dramatically which is a major win for the bottom line. The days of asking customers to drop checks off at our office are over.”

Carrie Nielsen, Office Manager, Sienna Ridge RV Park

“I chose to work with Infintech because of their attentive customer service. When I call or need assistance, I like to talk to a real person and with Infintech, that happens every time. My payment advisor, Will Watson, is available anytime I need him by phone or email. He made switching to Infintech seamless for all four of our locations. Any time we need assistance, I can call Will for immediate help. When I’ve worked with other payment processing companies, I am put on a computer call list which results in problems not solved in a timely manner. Infintech has saved my business so much time – and money. Our monthly rates are way lower with Infintech than with our previous provider.”

Brian Garrett, Owner, Tom’s Pawn Shop

“We’ve worked with Infintech for many years and really find them helpful. Originally, they helped us uncover that we were being overcharged by our previous provider. And when we decided to switch, we had concerns about it, but they guided us through the process and made it seamless. They did not walk away from the job until it was done to our satisfaction. Infintech has helped our business in every way we have asked them to help. Our rates are competitive, our systems are integrated with QuickBooks, our deposits hit the bank quickly, our AR is reliable, and our Infintech Relationship Manager is responsive and knowledgeable.”

Jon Bachmeyer, President, Randolph Next Day Paper

“Our bank recommended using Infintech, and we were not disappointed! Infintech Advisor, Lisa Mekmaysy, reviewed our processing set-up and switched us to new a payment technology that made our business more modern, streamlined, and competitive. Now our billing department is more productive, economical, and our cash flow has greatly improved. The usability and increase in productivity is my favorite part. The new system has made my team’s lives so much easier, and they no longer scramble to collect payments. Lisa made our transition to Infintech seamless and smooth, and it’s very easy to work with her. I can’t say enough good things about her or my experience with Infintech!”

David Goodson, Owner, Whitewater Valley Rehabilitation

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