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“Infintech offered us a clear, concise processing rate and saved our business a substantial amount of money. My favorite part about working with Infintech is the superior customer service. Our payment advisor, Joe Bailey, was engaged during our initial integration transition and continues to be my “go-to-guy” today. Whenever I reach out to Infintech, I feel like I am their only customer and they do not stop working until I am satisfied with the results.”

Nate Walters, CFO, The Wildlife Gallery

““Initially, I was skeptical to meet with Infintech but I’m so glad I did! Not only was Infintech able to drop our rates, but they have taken a hands-on approach when working with us. Our Infintech payment advisor, Ed Wimpee, spent countless hours working with our web designers to ensure our new payment gateway was set up properly. In our 23 years as a business, we have never had a representative work as hard as Ed has for us.””

Stacey Dorn, Owner, Paradise Helicopters

“Our payment advisor, Aaron Muro, took the time to learn about our payments environment and offered us a solution that made the most sense for our company. By leveraging Level 3 processing rates, Infintech saved us a considerable amount of money. Infintech’s customer service is the best in the industry and that is my favorite part about working with them. Whenever we have a question or concern, Aaron or Tina Wessinger, our customer support team liaison, are ready with quick and efficient answers. As a business owner, I know we are in good hands with Infintech.”

Dan Thieken, Owner, RTF Fire Protection

“The Texas Recreational Vehicle Association referred us to Infintech to review our payment processing. Once we met with Kevin Walter, and he provided us with a free analysis, we discovered that working with Infintech would lower our monthly fees significantly. Not only could Infintech save us money, but they also found a solution that met our specific payment needs. Infintech’s customer service is my favorite part! Kevin and the entire team are fast to respond to all our questions and concerns.”

Pam Horny, Office Manager, Crestview RV Superstore

“After meeting with Infintech, I realized switching to process payments with them would be a good move for my business. I had been working with a large processor that didn’t pay attention to their small clients. The difference was evident immediately when I began working with Infintech. My payment advisor, Rance Thompson, went out of his way to assist our transition into a newer app-based POS system. The switch would have been a bear but with the assistance from the Infintech team, we never missed a beat.”

Dennis Humphrey, Owner, High Horse

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